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As a registered CSG gardener, you must fulfill and log 15 x hours of service each by August 31st, per your annual CSG agreement. It’s easy! Just ask your Row Leader what community jobs are on the garden list. You can log your service hours on the form above. CLICK HERE to view how many hours you have logged already.


Need more opportunities to complete your service hours for 2018? Garden members can sign up below to attend extra service hours events or to be a docent at our 2nd Saturday Workdays [its easy!]. 2nd Saturdays are open, no need to sign up for those. Hurry, there’s not long now till the August 31st deadline!

2nd Saturday Workday Docent:

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Weekday Workdays Service Hours:

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WORK TASK LIST        August 2018

* Take dead plants out of pots
* Stack empty pots
* Sort pots by size
* Sort trays by size
* Pull weeds around greenhouses

Clear weeds and deadhead back gate garden
* Pile weeds outside garden, next to trash area, for weed compost.
* Empty satellite compost bins to compost area.
* Empty trash cans into the dumpster
* Remove weeds in parking lot and the long
outside perimeter bed
* Remove cobwebs from the fence
* Remove bindeed!
* Remove weeds in the main gravel pathways
* Pick up trash and debris throughout the garden
* Pull bindweed everywhere!
* Weed! Weed! Weed!
(Remember to record your Service Hours!)

Gardeners Yahoo Email Group

If you are a registered raised bed owner and/or a volunteer at CSG, we encourage you to join our Yahoo Email group. You will receive regular updates with essential garden information, including hints + tips, event announcements and day-to-day changes. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with your fellow gardeners and connect with your local community.

CLICK HERE to request access to the Yahoo Email Group

Agreements and Documents
  • 2017-2018 Garden Bed Agreement. (only download this document if you have been contacted by a representative from the garden about a group garden plot or individual plot). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF
  • Automatic Watering System Requirements. Download this to see the correct pieces and configuration of your automatic watering system. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF
  • Unattended Watering Agreement. Download this to get approved for your already installed automatic watering system. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF
  • The Group Garden. CLICK HERE to view more information about The Group Garden.
  • Gardener Yahoo Group. CLICK HERE to request access to the CSG Garden Yahoo group.
2018-2019 2nd Saturday Work Day Schedule

Below are the scheduled dates for every row to attend the 2nd Saturday work days at the garden from 9am to 12pm. Once you’ve attended, please be sure to fill out the form above to log your hours! Click here to download a copy of the schedule.


MAY 12   Hi Rise, Orange and Plum
JUN 9     Apricot and Blackberry
JUL 14    Cherry, Fig and Group Garden
AUG 11   Lemon and Mulberry

AUG 31   DEADLINE to complete service hours for 2017/2018 agreement

OCT 13   Hi Rise, Orange and Plum
NOV 10  Apricot and Blackberry
DEC 8    Cherry, Fig and Group Garden


JAN 12   Lemon and Mulberry
FEB 9     Hi Rise, Orange and Plum
MAR 9    Apricot and Blackberry