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To-Do List

  • Warm Season plants to be removed by November 15th, 2021, All spring/summer annuals must be removed and composted if possible. Winter, cover crops, winter annuals, or a combination of both must be planted to promote soil fertility throughout the winter.
  • Winter Soil Protection Consider planting a cover crop in your raised bed for the cool season. Their roots break up the soil and legumes like fava beans add essential nitrogen to improve soil fertility. Mulch can also be added like leaves or straw.
  • We are an Organic Community Garden! Non-organic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or chemically treated wood products are not to be used in any part of the garden.
  • Service Hours Please check your current Service Hours on the online log and update any hours that are outstanding. There is a Service Hour goal chart below so you can keep track during the year
  • Plant Garlic & Shallots The time to plant garlic and shallots is now, from mid-October through the end of November. Fast-growing Dutch Red shallots can mature in just 90 days, so can be planted again in late winter or early spring
  • Consider signing up here to JOIN A GARDEN TEAM – we need your skills to build a better garden community, it’s a great way to get inspired to do your service hours.
  • Last Thursdays are now finished for the year  Our Summer Evening workdays operate during the warm season months from May through to  Sept. See the annual workdays schedule below
  • Become an Open Garden Docent Our garden is now open to the public on 1st, 2nd + 3rd Fridays from 11 am – 1 pm, see the HOME page for upcoming dates. Contact Margherita or Fiona if you’d like to volunteer for this Garden Team role.

Second Saturday Workdays

Our next workday will be:

Saturday, December 11th, 2021

Community Garden Workday

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Email or contact your Row Leader if you have questions about garden tasks, service hours, or general bed maintenance issues.

Your family and friends are very welcome to join and participate, public volunteers please register first with the Garden Coordinators: Register Here

Service Hours Task List

Organize compost area Rake up materials, organize in piles of like-materials, cut small branches off large branches, weed the surrounding area and behind bins, coil hoses neatly

Move leaves from near picnic benches to the compost area. Pile neatly in compost area

Weeding Greenhouse area: Remove any grass + weeds going to seed. Shake off soil and gravel first

Peace Garden weed pathways and perimeters around the herb garden

Flip compost bins check dates, flip bins with dates more than 3 days old

Welcome Garden weed along the front gate fence line and succulent garden

Weeding Remove grass + weeds in any community bed or area.

Empty Trash Bins into the blue skip bin in the parking lot. 

Donation Beds weed grass in the donation bed pathways

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Covid-19 Safety Information

For current updates on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and community-mandated orders please visit the Santa Clara Public Health website. Here is the link to their website:

County of Santa Clara Public Health Website

General Safety Guidelines

  • DO NOT visit the garden if you are experiencing any symptoms or if you are ill and always check each week and adhere to any changes to the public mandates
  • Dispose of PPE [gloves and masks] thoughtfully. Bring a small trash bag with you if you think you will discard these on exiting the garden, and take them out with you.

Garden Workday Schedule | 2021 - 2022


Below are the annual scheduled dates for community-led workdays where Service Hours can be completed.

Each Second Saturday is led by alternating Row Leaders, please mark on your calendars and be sure to attend when your Row is leading.

Second Saturdays Workday: 10am – 12pm

All Hands Zoom Meetings: 2pm – 3pm 

Last Thursdays Workday: 5pm – 7pm


SAT OCT 09 Second Saturday Cherry, Fig + Hi-Rise
SAT NOV 13 Second Saturday Lemon and Mulberry
SAT DEC 11  Second Saturday Group Garden, Orange + Plum
SAT JAN 08 Second Saturday Apricot and Blackberry
SAT FEB 12 Second Saturday Cherry, Fig + Hi-Rise
SAT MAR 12 Second Saturday Lemon and Mulberry
SAT MAY 14 Second Saturday Group Garden, Orange + Plum
THU MAY 26 Last Thursday Evening Workday
SAT JUN 11  Second Saturday Apricot and Blackberry
THU JUN 30 Last Thursday Evening Workday
SAT JUL 09  Second Saturday Cherry, Fig + Hi-Rise
THU JUL 28 Last Thursday Evening Workday
SAT AUG 13 Second Saturday Lemon and Mulberry
THU AUG 25 Last Thursday Evening Workday
MON AUG 31 Log All Hours Complete service hours for 2020 / 2021




Aim to complete 3-4 service hours or more, each season. Completing these consistently helps you keep on top of the annual requirement so you’re not left cramming all your hours at the last minute! Join a Garden Team where you can find your area of service that you enjoy and do tasks on your own schedule.

Yearly Quarter Quarter Hrs Goal Annual Tally
SEP 1 – NOV 31 3 hr, 45 min 3 hr, 45 min
DEC 1 – FEB 31 3 hr, 45 min 7 hr, 30 min
MAR 1 – MAY 31 3 hr, 45 min 11 hr, 15 min
JUN 1 – AUG 31 3 hr, 45 min 15 hours


  • All CSG gardeners are welcome to attend on any workday ~ you can join in even if your row isn’t scheduled for that date.
  • Once you’ve attended, please be sure to fill out the LOG YOUR SERVICE HOURS online form (below) and log your hours in decimal format, numbers only:
  • EG: if you work for 30 mins, enter it as 0.5 If you work for 1 hour and 15 mins, enter it as 1.25

There is a monthly Task List that is made available and posted, so if you’d like to contribute service hours outside of workdays, you can easily log an hour or two each month.

Happy Gardening!






Log your Service Hours

Service Hours Log

Check how many hours you have previously logged. To log new service hours, go to the form above.

As a registered CSG gardener, you must annually fulfill and log 15 x hours of service by August 31st each year, per your Gardener’s Agreement. It’s very easy to achieve and helps keep our lovely community garden maintained and looking good.

You can check with your Row Leader what needs doing near your Row OR there is a monthly Task List posted here and on the garden kiosk noticeboard near the main gate. So if you need to contribute service hours outside of workdays, you can easily log an hour or two each month.

Happy gardening!

Join a Garden Team


CSG Garden Teams – 2021
Garden Team Team Name Status Project Overview
Childrens Garden Kids Gang JOIN TEAM Fix signs, build new tipi, repair dig zone, build bed covers, add lemon tree
Vermicomposting Worm Wranglers TEAM FULL Harvest castings in April, build new stand/structure, new signage
Plant Sales + Greenhouses JOIN TEAM Plant Sale: seeding, watering, up-potting
Chicken Coop Chicken Tenders TEAM FULL New hen photos, update front signs, prepare summer budget
Garden Maintenance
Raised Bed Repairs JOIN TEAM Repair current damaged beds
Irrigation JOIN TEAM ID all local main shut-offs, upgrade perimeter drip lines, repair water tanks
Pest Management Critter Crew JOIN TEAM Continuing from Winter schedule ….
Community Composting Compost Crew JOIN TEAM Flip/wet bins weekly, run chipper weekly, manage pile, build wire corals
Garden Kiosk / Noticeboard JOIN TEAM Team to help update each month, clean cobwebs, replace fabric.
Online / Social Media JOIN TEAM Recruit content crew, make google photos shared folder,
Garden Signage + Safety JOIN TEAM New signs: GG, Gate, Compost, plant sale poster, shed murals
Education + Training JOIN TEAM CSG Youtube
Community Food Gardens
Fruit Trees, Berries + Vines The Pruners TEAM FULL compost trees + vines, design summer irrigation + harvest schedule
Food Forest Donation Drive TEAM FULL Prepping for Spring / Summer crops soon
Citrus Grove JOIN TEAM Prune early spring, compost all citrus
Seed Garden Donation Drive JOIN TEAM Prep left side for tomatoes, add compost, asses border/fence
Plum 3 Donation Drive JOIN TEAM Rebuild bed, weed
Plum 9 Donation Drive JOIN TEAM Weed bed and pathways, harvest for March
Apricot 2 Donation Drive JOIN TEAM Weed bed and pathways, harvest for March
Community Ornamental Gardens
Rose Garden The Rosies TEAM FULL Plant new memorial rose, fertilize, check soaker hose
South Perimeter Garden The Bloomers JOIN TEAM Detail weed, recruit team members, prune back for Spring
Peace Herb Garden JOIN TEAM Weed border/paths, add compost/manure, repair drip irg. prune dead plants
Patio Container Garden TEAM FULL Plant Gaura in large blue pot,
Welcome Gardens JOIN TEAM Refresh all pots, add flowers, new welcome sign,
Pollinator Patch JOIN TEAM Weed, add compost + mature leaf mulch, prep new seedlings, add plant ID
Honour Garden COMING SOON Add rock borders, add mulch, woodchip pathways, ID all memorials
The Pergola JOIN TEAM Add vine to MG Corner, weed beds, clean + oil structure, add flower seeds



Gardeners Google Group

All Gardeners are required to be subscribed to the CSG Google Group. This is our primary way to send out regular updates with essential garden information, including hints + tips, event announcements, and day-to-day changes or notifications. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with your fellow gardeners and connect with your local community.

This is a private group and you should be automatically subscribed on becoming a member.

LOGIN HERE to open Google Groups Login Page

Agreements and Documents