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As a registered CSG gardener, you must fulfill and log 15 x hours of service by August 31st, per your annual CSG agreement. It’s very easy and helps keep our lovely community garden maintained and looking good! You can check with your Row Leader what community jobs are on the garden list OR there is a monthly Task List posted on the garden kiosk noticeboard near the main gate. So if you need to contribute service hours outside of work days, you can easily log an hour or two each month.

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Gardeners Monthly Tasklist

May 2019

Our lovely community garden has benefited greatly from the rains this winter. However, the side effect is the abundance of weeds. EVERYONE needs to help remove these weeds. Once the rains have subsided next week it will be the time to take advantage of our moderate weather and longer days (daylight savings begins on Sunday).
All gardeners by now should have removed the weeds in and around te pathways of your own garden bed.  
Every gardener is responsible for one-half of the paths around your bed.Your deadline has now expired for this task which was Sunday, March 31st. Clearing in and around your garden bed does not count for Service Hours.
Next, choose a location in one of the perimeter areas of the garden, and spend 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, and start removing the oxalis (bright green foliage, yellow flowers), “cheese weed” (mallow leaves), “popcorn weed” (look in the GG beds) and large grasses. Oxalis, bindweed and “popcorn weed” need to go in the trash. “Cheese weed” and grasses can be composted. Remember, you are responsible to empty your trash!


Let’s divide and conquer! Here are some suggestions to get this work done:
Apricot and Blackberry Rows – Pull the weeds along the Charles Street fenceline (inside and outside), and in the Children’s Garden.
Cherry Row and Group Gardeners – Clean up the Main Gate perimeter beds, the Kiosk area, and around the Admin Shed. Please do not remove the leaves. Use them as mulch.
Fig and Lemon Rows – The inside and outside perimeter beds along the long Parking Lot fence line. Please do not remove the leaves. Use them as mulch.
Mulberry, Orange and Plum Rows– The back (north) fenceline area and the walkways.
When you finish one area, move on to the next area that needs attention. The time you spend helping in the general garden areas DOES count towards your Service Hours.
Remember to log your task and hours on the service log on this page!
* When you pull the weeds, shake off the dirt and other debris from the roots.
* Be VERY careful if you use shovels, hoes or other digging tools. If the weeds do not release from the ground easily, at least remove the leaves or other above ground foliage.
* The soil is still very saturated, but I’m finding that the weeds with larger root systems come out very easily by just pulling on them.
* Do not throw away dirt or gravel with the weeds! Shake those weeds!
Finally, please DO NOT dig, scrape or pull the grasses in the main gravel pathways. The root systems are very shallow, and trying to remove the weeds now, while the ground is quite wet, will destroy the structure of the paths. We can remove these grasses in a few weeks when we have less rain.
Let me or your Row Leaders know if you have any questions, otherwise, please start weeding.
See you in the garden!
Katie Barnes
Gardeners Yahoo Email Group


SUBSCRIBE HERE to the Yahoo Email Group OR email:

Please provide your Full Name / Bed# or GG# in your email EG: Johnny Appleseed / L4. This is especially important if you are subscribing using a different email address than the one provided when you joined the garden. When we receive your email request we will add you to the email group.

It’s important to join our CSG Yahoo Email group. This is our primary way to send out regular updates with essential garden information, including hints + tips, event announcements and day-to-day changes. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with your fellow gardeners and connect with your local community.


LOGIN HERE to open the CSG Yahoo Groups page in your browser.

Agreements and Documents
2nd Saturday Work Day Schedule ~ 2018-2019

Below are the scheduled dates for each row group to attend their 2nd Saturday work days at the garden from 9am to 12pm. It is an excellent way to get to know your row neighbors and easily log 3 hours off your annual service hour list!


OCT 13   Hi Rise, Orange and Plum
NOV 10  Apricot and Blackberry
DEC 8    Cherry, Fig and Group Garden


JAN 12   Lemon and Mulberry
FEB 9     Hi Rise, Orange and Plum
MAR 16    Apricot and Blackberry

MAY 11   Cherry, Fig and Group Garden
JUN 8    Lemon and Mulberry
JUL 13   Hi Rise, Orange and Plum
AUG 10  Apricot and Blackberry

AUG 31   DEADLINE to complete service hours for 2018/2019 agreement


All CSG gardeners are welcome to attend any work day event ~ you can join in even if your row isn’t scheduled for that date. Once you’ve attended, please be sure to fill out the LOG YOUR SERVICE HOURS online form (on this page) and log your hours.

There is also a monthly Task List which is also posted on the garden kiosk noticeboard, so if you’d like to contribute service hours outside of work days, you can easily log an hour or two each month. Happy gardening!

 Service Hours Goal Chart:

Yearly Qtr. Service Hrs Goal Hrs/Min Tally
Oct 1 – Dec 31 3hrs, 45 min 3.75
Jan1 – Mar 31 3hrs, 45 min 7.5
Apr 1 – Jun 31 3hrs, 45 min 11.25
Jul 1 – Sept 31 3hrs, 45 min 15