We’ve been busy growing over 100 varieties heirloom tomatoes and it time to give them a taste.

We have White Cherry, Black Cherry, Chinese Tzi Bi (aka Violet Jasper), Coyote Cherry, Chucks Yellow, Anna’s Orange, Beliz Pink, Red Martina, OSU Purple, Persimmon, Hill Billy, Indian Red, Elfie, Hugh, Garden Peach, Kellogg Breakfast, Green Giant, Green Doctor, to Black Ethiopians, Black Krim, Crimson Carmello, Cherokee Purple, Yellow Brandywine Chili Verde, Caspian Pink, Black Ox, Chantie Rose, Blondkopfchen, Brown Yellow Giant, Camp Joy cherry, Church, Effie, Red Strawberry, Ghost Cherry, Great White, Hawaiian Pineapple, hippy Zebra, Indira Gnadi, Jaune Flamme, Julia Childs, Matina, Orange Strawberry, Yellow Orange Paw Paw, Red Pear, Rosilito, Sweet Horizon, Kentucky Beef, Mandarin Cross, TO NAME A FEW.

You will never forget how different each variety tastes.

Your Participation Supports Local Organic Sustainable Agriculture.
For directions or information call or text 408-605-0890
Hope to see you there.